Just got back from seeing Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph. While, I did like the movie, I thought it was a bit weak in the center and the plot points had very predictable outcomes with no “real” surprises along the way. However, I was surprised by the incredibly well written and directed short which proceeded Wreck-It-Ralph. The short is call “Paperman” and is directed by John Kahrs. What made paperman so interesting to me was the fact that it is 7 minute 3D animated short, which is almost completely black and white and has absolutely no dialog. I found this little gem of a short more engaging than the entirety of Wreck-It-Ralph. Moreover, the characters in paperman have a ton more depth… and they don’t even talk! I applaud John Kahrs and his team for daring to be different and creating this masterpiece. Check out the link below for a cool video which breaks down the technique they used to create paperman.